We Interview a Major Whale.

Tina Stanaitis-Owner Whale Sacs

How’d you like the Whales Tribe?! We talk with the Owner and Creator,Tina Stanaitis, to see what plans she has for the future, and just how big this Whale’s gonna grow!

Hey Tina! Thanks for talking with us! We love your creation! It’s fun and useful and perfect on the course. For people who are just reading this though, please help us describe exactly what is a Whale Sac?

​A Whale Sac is a palm sized, whale-shaped bag that contains clay powder and stone.  The tail of the whale ties onto your bag, belt loop, etc.  They pull unwanted moisture off your palms while adding some tackiness for better grip.​

Awesome. So we’ve seen your Company Whale Sacs grow over the past few months and have even seen your design being used by some big names in disc golf, so we have to ask, how did you come up with the idea?

​   Years ago, I originally made these clay filled square bags using fabric with whales​ on it. The first actual Whale Sac came about during the week of the 2014 Disc Golf Pro Worlds in Portland, OR.  I was working on a design that would tie onto my friend/competitor’s bag for the tournament and made one that resembled a rabbit (by accident)…then came the idea, since the originals are made with whale fabric, why not have the entire bag be a whale?  “Whale Sacs” was the chosen name, instead of something more serious like “Whale Bags” because let’s be honest, disc golfers are the main marketing group, most of which have a great sense of humor!


Ohhh… so it’s not an actual Whale’s Scrotum… got it haha! But Seriously though, Everything is made by hand from products here in the U.S., do You personally make each one of them or do you have a team of people helping you?

​Generally speaking I make each one and run all aspects of the business myself.  Only once have I had a little help from my friends, specifically September as 200 whales had to be made while I was working full time and traveling to Ohio for the USWDGC.  Quite a month!  I now have an open schedule so I expect the work will remain my solo project going forward.

That is a big month! How has starting this business helped you achieve your goals both in disc golf and your personal life?

​This business has completely changed my life in only one year. I’ve gained endless knowledge in business, marketing, social media, money and much more that will apply to many future job opportunities.  Since August of last year (the beginning), I committed to using the business as a path to become a full time disc golfer.  Since that time, I’ve been able to purchase an RV as my home (on the road), put aside the funds needed to fuel my disc golf future and finally (recently) quit my day job as a banker.  I’ve also gained hundred’s of connections in the disc golf community and have since been given a nickname “the Whale Sacs girl” in many different states.  Also through Whale Sacs, I came into contact with the Women’s Disc Golf Outreach in Tucson.  What originally started as a bulk order for the ladies in Arizona, has now become a passion of mine as I am volunteering/working to grow the sport for women through the Outreach and am relocating to Arizona for this winter to take a more hands on local approach.  Realistically, these little whale-shaped clay things have allowed me to completely follow my dreams, and has bettered my life more than I could have ever imagined.

What are your plans for the future with your company?

​I only recently ended my full time job, meaning I now have much more time to spend on Whale Sacs business.​  I have some new merchandise I’ll be adding to the website soon and then I hope to focus on getting whales into as many disc golf shops around the country as possible.   There is the option to focus on other sports such as bowling or tennis, but my heart is certainly with disc golf, so for now that will continue to be my market.

Can people customize a Whale Sac for a tournament, event, or gift?

​Absolutely!  There is an option on the website for a custom Whale Sac at a higher cost as I have to go purchase fabric, or cut vinyl and be able to make one quickly.  I have however done a run of custom printed fabric for our local disc golf club in Portland. For large orders and events like that, I do offer special pricing. and where can people buy these cute little whales?
and we can be found on facebook too!
I created the website and do my best to keep up to date with what new designs we have available, as well as t-shirts and performance shirts (and soon hats and more).
There’s also some info on how the company started and a link to a blog that I recently created as my adventure is JUST beginning!​
We look forward to seeing your endeavor grow Tina and we’ll be checking out the Blog too! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and Good Luck in your future success!. The Sport of Disc Golf, and our Tribe Members Thank You for what you’re doing! We all wish you WHALE!!!

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